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To use Echidna’s voting gauges, you must have veECD in your wallet. You can obtain veECD by locking ECD in the lock interface of our dApp.

Click here for a step by step guide on locking
Voting Gauges
  1. The Platypus and Echidna tabs allow you to switch between viewing the current vePTP distribution of Platypus’ and Echidna’s voting gauges respectively. Hover your cursor over a section of the donut to view the % allocation of vePTP.
Voting Gauges
  1. The bribe table (partial) is displayed above for your reference. All liquidity pools on Platypus are listed here. Click here to learn more about how voting gauges work

Current Gauge - Current % allocation of total vePTP for this liquidity pool
Echidna Vote - Current % allocation of Echidna’s vePTP for this liquidity pool
Incentives - Vote bribes (denoted in $ per 1000 veECD per day)
My Vote - Current % allocation of your voting power