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Voting Gauges FAQ

1/ How can I become eligible for vote bribes? Bribes are only paid to people who have locked ECD for veECD and have voted with their veECD.

2/ How are bribes paid out to people who have voted? Bribe rewards accumulated over time (similar to liquidity mining) based on your allocation of votes.

3/ After voting / modifying my vote, when do I start earning rewards? Upon vote confirmation, you will immediately start accumulating bribe rewards since Echidna gauges mirror Platypus gauges and operate in real time.

4/ After someone votes, and their veECD decays, do they receive less and less rewards over time? Your rewards allocation does not change until you either claim rewards, modify your vote, or increase your veECD voting power. If you vote lock more veECD, your vote will still use your original voting power until you recast your vote.

5 / What happens to veECD that is unused (i.e. not allocated to any gauge)? Unused votes will be prorated to those who have already voted to reward active participants.

6/ How are my rewards affected if a whale locks ECD and votes after I have already voted? Keeping everything else constant, your veECD relative to the entire pool is smaller therefore your rewards allocation will reduce as well.